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This is a 3-part live video training sessions recorded specially for our private coaching students who paid us to attend this event.

Inside we reveal the common steps to secure your website without breaking your bank account. These are the security measures that anybody can implement right away. We also go through a series of “good practices” that every web entrepreneur should know about.

It’s a very practical course that even a complete beginner can follow and get results with it. No fluff theory – only actionable steps to succeed.

The total video running time is about 1 hour. Just enough to keep your customers excited and take action so they get awesome results upon implementation.


Here’s What You’ll Discover Inside This Video Training

  • 11 important things you can do to improve the security of WordPress Website.
  • The smart way to manage passwords on your website so nobody can access your website without your permission. (It’s important to protect your website from brute force attack)
  • How to secure purchases and payments system on your website. (All e-commerce website owners MUST learn this)
  • How to utilize the famous Google Drive and Dropbox to backup all of your data even while you sleep.
  • Why you must do hardware backup and how to do it.
  • 12 simple steps to give your WordPress Website a maximum protection.
  • How to be a responsible business owner by protecting your customers’ financial data. You have to learn this, or your business will lose its good reputation.

What to learn?

Are you concerned your website may get hacked or just need this added security to your website? We have an easy three video course for you that will explain everything in plain and simple terms


  • Absolutely no experience is required. We will start from the basics and gradually build up your knowledge. Everything is in the course.
  • Basic background knowledge on websites

Target Audience

  • Anyone wanting to get started securing their website
  • Anyone needs to strengthen their website security
  • Anyone interested in learning more about web and WordPress Security


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